A dream of faithful husbands – February – Amethyst

Amethyst is a macrocrystalline  quartz (ie the crystals can be seen with the naked eye). It is a violet coloured gemstone, sometimes red-violet, and in the best quality examples it is polished and faceted. The name Amethyst is derived from ‘drunken’ in Ancient Greek – and it was worn as an amulet and carved into drinking cups to guard against intoxication. The most important deposits are found (but not exclusively)  in Brazil, Madagascar, Burma, India, Russia and Sri Lanka. The Hebrew name for Amethyst comes from the root word for ‘to dream’ and this was the origin of the belief that amethysts bestowed pleasant dreams on the owner. Roman wives believed that it kept their husbands faithful, and in the Ancient world it was prized as a rare gem of great value and beauty.


Above: 18carat rose gold and oxidised gold ‘Barcelona’ earrings with pavèe amethysts by Rodney Rayner from Talisman Gallery, Harvey Nichols (£7,350)