A Mermaid’s Treasure – Aquamarine – March

Aquamarine is a mineral beryl, its name deriving from the latin for ‘water of the sea’. It can be light blue through to dark blue, or an oceanic blue-green. This is a very highly valued and attractive gemstone that suits all skin tones.Aquamarine occurs in Brazil, the Urals in Russia, Mozambique, Australia, Burma, the US and India amongst other locations.

The Romans believed it was sacred to Neptune, and that it was washed ashore after falling from the jewellery boxes of mermaids.

It was thought to impart calm and peace, especially to couples and to protect mariners and travellers by sea.

talisman-gallery-aqua-marineAquamarine necklace  (£295) by Talisman Gallery, available from Talisman Gallery at Harvey Nichols