A Slice-of-Diamond-Life – April

Before the 1850s, the world’s diamond supplies came from India. These gemstones were found in riverbeds rather than mined underground, and are known as alluvial diamonds.

The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek, meaning ‘unconquerable’ or ‘untamable’ and suggests the gemstone’s qualities of immense hardness and ability to withstand fire.

In Indian mythology the diamond was worn for protection against poison, illness and numerous other dangers. In Europe in the Middle Ages, kings and nobles wore diamonds in the hilt of their swords or on their armour, believing it made them invincible. In order to offer this talismanic power and protection, however, the diamond must only be given as a gift.

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Below: Ram Rijal’s 22ct gold diamond slice rings (from a selection at Talisman Gallery, Harvey Nichols)