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What you can expect to see In the Loupe

Monday, April 19th, 2010

In the Loupe

This is the magazine section of the Talisman Gallery website. A jeweller’s loupe magnifies and clarifies, and being in the loop means never worrying that you’re not up to date with the most exciting new things around. We’ll be posting something every Friday in at least one category. There’s information, themed articles about jewellery from around the world and throughout history and regular updates about new stock appearing in Talisman Gallery stores.

In the Loupe

Lesley Schiff blogs about the things that delight and inspire her, her travels in search of new designers and the interesting people she meets. There’ll also be guest writers telling you about what jewellery means to them, and we’ll feature Designers of the Month.

Birthstone of the Month

Featuring the eponymous gems, with some fascinating facts (and myths) to put you in the mood for a special purchase. We will select pieces that are currently in stock in Talisman Gallery  at Harvey Nichols.

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